On the Sandusky Affair

If you want to understand why 15 people at Penn State didn’t report child rapes, ask yourself why more than 15 million Democrats are not protesting the wars a Democratic President wages. In both cases, protecting the innocent takes a back seat to the same old “go along to get along” attitude because that attitude is the inevitable result of authoritarian, monopolistic, hierarchical social structures.

Alongside Night Approaches

Agorists, fans of Samuel Edward Konkin III and fans of Konkin’s protege (as well as dear friend) J. Neil Schulman will undoubtedly be delighted learn the latest from Schulman. He’s pioneering an innovative new distribution and production model for independent movies — first with Schulmans’s acclaimed comedy Lady Magdalene’s and, if that is successful, the long-awaited movie version of Schulman’s classic novel of agorist revolution, Alongside Night.

From the news release:

“Most entertainment industry observers are confident that new-media distribution of movies to digital devices will become a major part of film distribution, but until now nobody has demonstrated a business model that creates a revenue stream sufficient to repay film investors. Now one indie film company is trying to create just such a digital-media revenue stream, making independent film-making once again attractive to investors by creating new profitable competition to traditional distribution channels monopolized by the interlocking cartels of movie studios, broadcast/cable/satellite systems & networks, and chain theatrical exhibitors.”

Alongside Night is scheduled to premiere on the campus of George Mason University in Spring 2012.