Gary Chartier on The Authority Smashing Hour, September 23rd

C4SS Advisory Panel member Gary Chartier will be on The Authority Smashing Hour tonight from 8:20 PM EST until at least 8:40 PM EST and potentially until 9PM.


Ross Kenyon on Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

C4SS News Analyst Ross Kenyon will be on the show Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock just under an hour from now at 6PM Eastern time to discuss an upcoming project of his.

“We’ll be discussing Mutual Aid on the High Seas, ( our sailing adventure to the Caribbean to perform humanitarian aid and teach about liberty as an emancipatory philosophy for the world’s poor!”

C4SS Early Fundraiser Wrapup

Dear Supporters of the Center for a Stateless Society,

Eight days ago, I explained why our fundraising drive for July and August expenses looked to be in dire straits. I told you that I was panicking and cutting every expense that I could — but that we were sadly still only a handful of days away from not even being able to pay our staff their July pay by the end of August. I pleaded. I adjusted our fundraising goal downward by well over a thousand dollars.

I’m now pleased and amazed to report that your response has been incredible!

* You provided funds to meet our July payroll within hours!

* Several people decided to commit to making a recurring donation. Monthly automatic donations have jumped from $310 to $525 monthly!

* Donations continued to come in at such a level for the next few days that I was able to pay our August payroll early, this morning!

Although ChipIn shows us at only 64% of the lower new goal, other donations came in directly that bypassed ChipIn and so didn’t show up on the ChipIn meter. Once there was enough there to pay everything, I did.

With our essential expenses now paid, I’m ending the fundraiser early — today. We DO continue to need your support, but since all *immediate* expenses are already paid, every bit of what comes in now goes into our reserve for future expenses. To help make it clear that the wolf is no longer at the door, so to speak, I’m taking down the fundraising widget from our web site.

If you are in a position to give, though, now is a good time to do it. You can make either a one-time donation or subscribe to make automatic donations every month via the Paypal buttons on our Support the Center Page. It’s there all of the time, regardless of whether a fundraiser is going on or not.

And, we have good reason to add to that reserve, so please consider providing support for the Center if you don’t already.

* We’re bringing on a paid Social Media and Development Specialist to help promote our content online and maintain better communications with donors (to make sure they know how very much they are appreciated).

* Coming up in October is the Libertopia conference, a key event that I want the Center to have a nice presence at — but there will be expenses involved. Link:

* We want to do more advertising to extend our reach, such as the LRN ad campaign we had to call off this time around.

* We will be looking to add more and different types of content, since we’re rapidly expanding our ability to PUSH that content out to the general public. See Tom Knapp’s latest Media Coordinator Update here:

* Just *having* a financial reserve smoothes out worries and panic episodes like the one we just went through. With a good reserve, fundraising can (on a fluke) dip in any one given month without it being an issue.

So, yes — the fundraiser is over, expenses are paid and we’re looking at the future. That future also needs your support. If you can not give right now, don’t worry about it. Please take care of necessities first. But if you are able to provide support, we will use it toward the goal of building public support for a completely free society.

Here’s the link for the Support the Center page again:

Thank you!


Brad Spangler,
Director, Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS)

Market Anarchism in Russia

From anarchist Ivanov on Fr33 Agents…

Russian Market Anarchism of the Late 20th – early 21st Centuries: An Overview

“In 2009, a group of market anarchists from the Association of Anarchist Movements was founded the League of Individualist Anarchism. League operates in accordance with the agreements of the Association of Anarchist Movement and in opposition to parliamentarism. Now the League is comprised of anarchists who share mutualist, agorist and individualist attitudes. Members of the League act in the cities of Yaroslavl and Omsk, on Sakhalin and in Moscow region. The main activities of the League are disseminating articles and brochures, posting flyers, and translation activities. Currently, the Russian language for the first time translated texts of Lysander Spooner, Voltairine de Cleyre, Samuel Edward Konkin III, Wally Conger and Kevin Carson. The second edition of Benjamin Tucker’s brochure “Liberty, equal for all” is coming soon. The League has a website, its members are active in social networks and the Russian-speaking segment of LiveJournal and the League of Individualist anarchism is set on joining the Alliance libertarian Left.”

See also: Land Under The Feet — Commentary by Russian anarchist writer Herbert Maridze, discussing Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s response to wildfires, current state of affairs in Russia, and the authorities’ campaign against antifascists and environmentalists.