Molinari Institute Directors to Present Papers at APS Conference

At the Alabama Philosophical Society’s Annual Conference on Friday October 3rd, 2009, Molinari Institute Board of Directors member Charles johnson (a.k.a. “Rad Geek”) and M.I. President Roderick Long will be presenting papers.

From Charles Johnson, “Can Anybody Ever Consent to the State?

An earlier draft is available here.


“I defend a strong incompatibility claim that anything which could count as a state is conceptually incompatible with any possible consent of the governed. Not only do states necessarily operate without the unanimous consent of all the governed, but in fact, as territorial monopolies on the use of force, states preclude any subject from consenting – even those who want it, and actively try to give consent to government. If government authority is legitimate, it must derive from an account of legitimate command and subordination; any principled requirement for consent and political equality entails anarchism.”

Roderick Long will be presenting his paper, “Left-Libertarianism, Class Conflict, and Historical Theories of Distributive Justice“.

“A frequent objection to the ‘historical’ (in Nozick’s sense) approach to distributive justice is that it serves to legitimate existing massive inequalities of wealth. I argue that, on the contrary, the historical approach, thanks to its fit with the libertarian theory of class conflict, represents a far more effective tool for challenging these inequalities than do relatively end-oriented approaches such as utilitarianism and Rawlsianism.

C4SS Q4 2009 Fundraiser Wrapup: You Did It!

Dear Supporters of the Center for a Stateless Society,

You did it! Our fourth quarter 2009 fundraising drive has ended as a remarkable success. You raised $4083 dollars to fund C4SS in October, November and December of 2009, exceeding our goal of $4,025. Additionally, I’ve learned that one or more donations are still en route via snail mail.

Thank you!

We’ll keep producing high quality content that we hope you feel compelled to share with others. In doing so, you’ll promote our work and message. We urge you to do so while we take a break from sending you fundraising messages for a few weeks.


Brad Spangler,
Director, Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS)