C4SS Q2 2011 Fundraiser

Dear Supporters of the Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS),

We work for you. All of the work we do is dependent on your support. Please support our Second Quarter 2011 fundraising drive to pay for expenses from the first quarter of this year.

Here is the listing of expenses that was used to arrive at our goal for this fundraiser: $4065.


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Brad Spangler
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C4SS Q2 Fundraiser: Expense Listing, January through March 2011

Here are the expenses for January through March of 2011 which we have to cover that make up the goal of $4065 for the Q2 fundraiser.

January pay has already been half-paid for all C4SS staff. Here’s what we have left to cover:

2nd HALF-PAY (January 2011)
Carson — $200
Worden — $100
D’Amato — $150
Litz — $75
Knapp — $320

Remaining month total: $845

Research Associate: Carson — $250 (2 weekly articles + $50, 1/6 of 1 biannual study)
News Analyst: Worden — $100 (1 weekly article)
News Analyst: D’Amato — $300 (3 weekly articles)
Social Media Specialist: Litz — $320 (10 hours/wk / 40 hours/month @ $8/hour)
Media Coordinator: Knapp — $640 (20 hours/wk / 80 hours/month @ $8/hour)

Month total: $1610

Research Associate: Carson — $250 (2 weekly articles + $50, 1/6 of 1
biannual study)
News Analyst: Worden — $100 (1 weekly article)
News Analyst: D’Amato — $300 (3 weekly articles)
Social Media Specialist: Litz — $320 (10 hours/wk / 40 hours/month @ $8/hour)
Media Coordinator: Knapp — $640 (20 hours/wk / 80 hours/month @ $8/hour)

Month total: $1610

TOTAL GOAL for Q2 Fundraiser: $4065

To donate, click on the “Contribute!” button on any page of our web site.

About That Obama Deficit Reduction Speech

In a speech outlining his administration’s approach to deficit reduction, U.S. President Obama hit four substantive points amidst the vast amount of rhetoric:

  1. Go with the spending cuts they’ve already been forced to agree to in Congressional budget negotiations.
  2. Order a review of military spending that might recommend some cuts to that which the administration might act on.
  3. Defend Obamacare on the grounds that it allegedly reduces health care costs.
  4. Raise taxes and call it “reduce spending in the tax code”.

What can be said about this from an anarchist perspective?

First, since anarchists advocate the abolition of the state, the financial sustainability of the state is not something we’re especially interested in. However, the harms the state may inflict in attempts to sustain itself are. Such harms may include both the revenue the state forcibly extracts and the vulnerability to privation endured by those who have been lured or herded into a status of dependency on the state. The correct approach for us to take, as anarchists, is to point to these harms and explain why they make the abolition of the state that much more of an urgent concern.

Second, the wars of the state (any state), are mass murder — so military spending is not only wasteful in its entirety but absolutely destructive. For a good overview of how legitimate defense services could be provided in the free market that would result from abolishing the state, see the second essay, “Private Defense”, from Robert Murphy’s “Chaos Theory: Two Essays on Market Anarchy” [PDF].

Third, if reducing health care costs is what you want, you need anarchy.
See also:

Fourth, taxation is theft.

C4SS @ PORCFEST! JUNE 20 – JUNE 26, 2011

The Center for a Stateless Society will have a presence at Porcfest this year. Molinari Institute President Roderick Long is tentatively slated to be on a panel discussion about Samuel Edward Konkin III and agorism. James Tuttle and Stacy Litz will be tabling with C4SS and related radical libertarian materials, including brochures and t-shirts. Darian Worden will likely be leading a talk at the AltExpo. Ross Kenyon is one of the organizers of the event.

PORCFEST! JUNE 20 – JUNE 26, 2011

Government Shutdown: On Hoops and Jumping Through Them

TALKING POINT: Rule of Thumb — What will get shut down in a “government shutdown” is not the system of forcing you to jump through hoops, but the hoops themselves.

You will still face the burden of complying with orders to jump through hoops that aren’t even there. And when the hoops come back, you will have been trained to love the hoops, and adore Big Brother.

Anarchists need to take the initiative to point out that the inconveniences people will face from a “government shutdown” are a consequence of the remaining operational parts of government.


He Has But A Short Time

“Be glad then, O heavens, and you who are in them. But there is trouble for the earth and the sea: because the Evil One has come down to you, being very angry, having the knowledge that he has but a short time.” ~ Book of Revelations 12:12, Bible in Basic English

TALKING POINT: The US Dollar is dying.

This writer obviously can not literally foretell the future, and the Bible quote above is merely there to provide some apt color, but there are strong indications the U.S. Dollar may indeed be dying. Deficit spending has been rightly described as “runaway” for decades. In recent years, though, the previously merely ridiculous has been undergoing a progressively steeper and steeper climb. As has historically been the case in similar instances, the Power Elite are falling back on use of the printing press to make more money of ever diminishing value. As a result, gold prices are now at record levels. The trend is simply not sustainable yet there is inadequate political will to accomplish reforms which might reverse it. Economic disaster is very likely.

When a dangerous animal is cornered is when it is most dangerous. The US government has been cornered by economic reality, and they know it. As Lew Rockwell noted in his recent piece “Use the Dollar or Else“, the US government is aware that the US dollar is dying. “A nation that is confident about its money’s future would not fear currency competition. A nation with a dying money uses every possible means to crush the competition. That is precisely what is happening in the case of the so-called Liberty Dollar.”

Anarchists, as people seeking to displace government with civil society, should not only continue pointing out that the US dollar is likely dying but also specifically start developing rhetoric specifically addressed to public employees and the dilemna the demise of the dollar (and related economic issues) will increasingly pose to them.

TALKING POINT: “You probably won’t listen right now, but eventually you will have little alternative but to go freelance.”


Issue Brief # 001, Health Care, by Ross Kenyon

C4SS Research Assistant Ross Kenyon has produced the first of perhaps several Issue Briefs. The topic for this one is Health Care.

Excerpt: “The market anrchist perspective on many issues revolves around how the state has created artificial scarcity to exploit the ruled for the benefit of the elite. Health care follows the same pattern and will be addressed in this issue brief…”

Download: Health Care, C4SS Issue Brief # 001, April 2011, Ross Kenyon