Roderick Long on Wal-Mart

Molinari Institute President Roderick Long on the discrepancies in “free market” Wal-Mart boosterism: Advocatus Diaboli.


Developing a C4SS Ad Plan for Q3

I won’t be recording an audio clip today due to schedule issues, but I would like to share with supporters some preliminary thoughts on putting together an ad strategy — with an eye toward making it part of the overall proposed expense list published when we start our Summer (Q3) 2009 fundraising drive.

Any ad strategy we pursue should, as I see it, have two distinct goals. The first goal is to simply further our mission of building public awareness of market anarchism. The second goal is to recruit those who already support market anarchism to support us, so as to be better able to meet the challenges of the first goal. Simply put, we need to find more supporters to enable future growth in operations.

What I discuss here would, after taking into account feedback in comments, then make it into our Q3 fundraising proposal — with the third quarter beginning July 1st. If the ad buys are effective, we would see increased support on our Q4 fundraising drive that would begin roughly half-way through Q3.

One of the possible ad buys that I’m considering bringing before you, our supporters, as part of that proposal is — Free Talk Live.

I had a phone call with Mark of FTL today. Although we could buy slots for recorded ads (and FTL can arrange a great rate on ad production), those don’t necessarily reach all listeners. Their most enthusiastic supporters have access to a podcast without recorded ads. However, live ad reads by the hosts do make it into that version of the show. As their most enthusiastic supporters are exactly who we also want to reach, live ad reads would seem to be the way to go.

Mark quoted me a price of $35 per fifteen second live read. He also recommended not necessarily buying an ad on every show during a given week, but spreading the buy for a week out by purchasing three per week that the shows producers would fit in across the six shows per week — getting the biggest cross-section of listeners for the least expense.

At three live reads per week on Free Talk Live, our expense for that would be $105 per week. If we buy ads for the first half of Q3, up until the start of the Q4 fundraising drive, that would be roughly six weeks — for a total of $630 for that part of the ad campaign. Although I’d like to purchase FTL ads across the entirety of Q3, I believe the more conservative approach would be to try it and see if it accomplishes what we hope it will. Thus, the six week ad buy instead of twelve or so.


C4SS Fundraising Drive Success and More Good News

Dear Supporters of the Center for a Stateless Society,

THANK YOU! You’ve stepped up to the challenge and made us reach our fundraising goal! There’s also more good news!


Your financial support has allowed Kevin Carson to return to writing weekly commentaries for C4SS. We’ve met our fundraising goal for the coming quarter, so Carson’s commentaries (as well as his quarterly research study) is funded through the end of June 2009. Check out the following:

Seeds Sprouting in the Rubble

Enemies of What State?


Thomas L. Knapp has accepted the position of News Analyst at the Center. This part-time job makes him our second paid staff member, after Research Associate Kevin Carson. In this role, Tom will be focusing on creating more hard-hitting market anarchist news commentary for C4SS to publish and promote. Your support has made this possible.


We have a new podcast audio feed, available in the sidebar on our web site. I aim to publish a short “Clip of the Day” audio news commentary from an undeniably anarchist perspective most weekdays — under 90 seconds in length and licensed for free use by podcasters and radio producers. The first few have been published this past week. Find them here:


I set a second quarter fundraising goal of $1300 for the Center and listed exactly what the money would be spent on in my appeal to you. You responded! We reached (and exceeded!) that goal several days before the scheduled end of the Spring 2009 Fundraising Drive. It’s now our turn to show you that money being spent well. We will not let you down.

As we step up our operations, we will continue to produce hard-hitting, explicitly anarchist news commentary. We aim to build further trust and support by giving you what you pay for. I’m going to ease up on fundraising appeals between now and the start of our Summer 2009 Fundraising Drive. However, I can tell you now that when it comes time for the Summer 2009 Fundraising Drive, I will come to you with a larger, more ambitious goal that I believe you will be able to help us reach.

Your continuing overall support, not just financial support, is what will allow us to grow.

  • Send our stuff to your friends and e-mail groups.
  • Post it on Facebook, MySpace or your blog.
  • Or any of several social news sites like Digg.
  • Ask your local newspapers, particularly alternative news weeklies, to republish our content. They have permission!
  • Consider hosting a house party for our Summer 2009 Fundraising Drive.

In closing, thank you. We’re starting small and growing in what may seem like baby-steps right now. Perseverance and hard work will change that, though. We aim to accomplish great things for freedom with your help.

Warm Regards,

Brad Spangler,
Director, Center for a Stateless Society

Fundraising Goal Met! Better Audio on the Way!

Although I’ll be mentioning this in a later and longer Supporter Update, I just wanted to quickly mention that the Center has reached (and exceeded!) its Spring 2009 Fundraising Drive goal!

Thank you so very much to all of our very generous supporters!

Also, I should mention that some have asked for better audio quality and volume in the Clip of the Day feature. Just to let you know, I believe some new audio software I’m now using will make for an improvement and I also plan to get a better microphone in the near future. Thanks! – Brad