Carson: Health Care and Radical Monopoly

C4SS Research Associate Kevin Carson writing in the Foundation for Economic Education’s “The Freeman” online: Health Care and Radical Monopoly.


Early Stages of Course Development

We’ve been looking at the possibility of offering C4SS online classes in anarchist theory and related matters for a while now. After I blogged about some course ideas on my personal blog recently, Gary Chartier and I began discussing in greater detail what such a series of courses might look like.

Although there would ultimately be a series of such courses, we’ll probably initially start out with just one while we work out how to make best use of whatever courseware we set up (probably Moodle) and otherwise get the operational and administrative procedures nailed down.

The following is subject to further revision, but friends and supporters of the Center are encouraged to review and offer feedback on this initial course description for the proposed ATP101 class.

All course materials will be freely available on the Internet. Because these will be instructor-led classes requiring labor from the teacher, a nominal fee of approximately $25 per course will probably be charged.