Oslo and Neo-Conservative Bigotry

Bruce Bawer, writing in the Wall Street Journal, is upset that the Oslo mass murder might make people who advocate bloodthirsty anti-Muslim hysteria seem like people who advocate bloodthirsty anti-Muslim hysteria. Bawer vainly struggles to save face for the neo-conservative cause, denouncing “the way he [Breivik] moves from a legitimate concern about genuine problems to an unspeakably evil `solution.’”

So, less than a hundred dead Scandinavians is unspeakably evil, but many hundreds of thousands of dead Arabic and central Asian people is apparently just par for the course in Bawer’s view.

The state, all states, are fundamentally monopoly protection rackets. Apologists for statism like Bawer are essential to creating the perception of a threat — and bigotry is one of their most beloved tools.