Oppose US and European Intervention in Libya

The right of all people to revolt, articulated in the Declaration of Independence among other works, should always be supported — but that by no means implies one ought to support military intervention on behalf of rebels by other states. Rather, opposing such intervention is the consistently anti-statist, pro-liberty position.

  • Military intervention by US and European governments in Libya will inevitably shape the political composition of the Libyan rebel groups, to the detriment of the Libyan people.
  • Authentic revolutionaries depend upon the support of the people they are attempting to liberate, but with tax-funded military intervention comes the economic incentive to win the support of state policymakers in Washington D.C. and European capitals instead.
  • Without state prohibitions on private military aid in the US and elsewhere, private fundraising could have brought timely private mutual aid to the Libyan rebels without the corrupting influence of state aid. The reason that would be the case is that broadly dispersing the decision of whether or not to support particular rebel groups among ordinary people globally would result in greater accountability than putting it in the exclusive control of a policymaking elite.

5 thoughts on “Oppose US and European Intervention in Libya

  1. Yes, as I wrote the other day:

    …and of course, if you were assisted by awesomely efficient defensive forces honed by a freed market in their services and sending out the message that you don't need a state infrastructure to ensure your own individual sovereignty against aggressors, you would think they would also question whether they too couldn't do without after all this was over, rather than feeling you have to set up some interim government etc.
    My recent post Libyan liberty – how would anarchists do it


  2. I don't see how integral members of the international community can sit back and watch these events unfold without intervening on behalf of the Libyan people. Gaddafi is essentially a dictator with long-known ties to terrorism; but it is primarly for humanitarian reasons that the European powers and the United States have decided to intervene and enforce the UN-ratified No-Fly Zone.


  3. Yeah, using the internet, free assembly and posting bills then taking appropriate self directed action is all we need. How could people be impressed by Craig's List and think the only use for that is selling an iphone? Unfortunately, most people that's who.
    My recent post What is “Dirty Electricity”


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