A Governmental Campaign Against Bullying? Really?

At a White House meeting on the topic today, the Obamas launched the web site StopBullying.gov — taking a laudable, if inconsistently held, stand against bullying. Seldom before has so much irony been encapsulated in just the URL for a site alone. Any state — defined by mainstream political science ever since Max Weber as “a monopoly on the use of force” — is institutionalized bullying. To stop bullying is the anarchist agenda in a nutshell.

Kill A Million People -- Make Web Site Opposing Bullying
Kill A Million People -- Make Web Site Opposing Bullying

3 thoughts on “A Governmental Campaign Against Bullying? Really?

  1. @Gcrist — Your position is an example of assuming what you purport to demonstrate — that there must be a coercively-imposed monopoly state in order for society to be lawful and orderly. Besides that failure, it's also intellectually dishonest because it assumes (based on the prior mistaken assumption) that anarchists oppose order generally (rather than particular methods of attempting to achieve social order, as is the case). Please bother to learn what it is that you're objecting to and we then might be able to have an intelligent discussion. I get bored with slapping down those who speak from ignorance out of arrogance.


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