Corporatist Factory Farm Pollution in Missouri

In a St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial published yesterday, a writer for the editorial board explained:

Legislation now racing through the [Missouri] state Legislature — House Bill 209 and Senate Bill 187 — puts government behind big agriculture at the expense of neighboring property owners. Legislators want to strip family farms of one of the most precious aspects of property ownership: the right to avoid neighbors inflicting a nuisance on them without just compensation.

Market anarchists propose a polycentric system of law — an absolutely open market for consensual dispute arbitration services. The state, however, is essentially a monopoly of law. The exercise of this monopoly creates opportunities for institutionalized, systematic injustice that couldn’t exist under anarchy.

The monopolization of law necessarily means there is no recourse when the monopoly institution becomes a participant in injustice. Open competition would mean there is always recourse.


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