Social Network Surveillance and Anarchist Activism

FOX News reports:

“A privacy watchdog’s freedom of information request has revealed a government memo encouraging agents to befriend people on a variety of social networks, to take advantage of their readiness to share — and spy on them.

While many have reacted with understandable outrage, pause to consider that federal agents, in particular, need to be exposed to as much anarchist propaganda as can be arranged. If we’re all doing our jobs as activists, they’ll be drinking from the propaganda firehose. Social networks are not for distribution of operationally sensitive information. Putting our message in their face can only work to our advantage, though — particularly as increasing paranoia makes the hierarchical organization progressively more dysfunctional.

On Facebook, Victor Milan elaborated. His lightly edited remarks follow:

In any police state, those who come in contact with “enemy” or “subversive” doctrine are considered not just tainted, but infectious. They’re generally liquidated on orders of their own superiors, sooner or later — sometimes along with their families and close associates.

Meanwhile most State enforcers are like all the other employees locked in the State/Corporate Complex: they hate their jobs and hate their bosses. In addition, many of them realize their superiors are functional sociopaths who regard them as mere expendable rounds, to be burned up to pad one’s efficiency report.

The ones who don’t already know their pensions are (for the most part) already gone, and their salaries are being inflated to the point of worthlessness along with everybody else’s … well, they’ve just been exposed to that concept, haven’t they?

Finally, there’s the inevitability – sooner rather than later – of armed conflict among rival agencies and levels of government, including not just military and police but literally hundreds of heavily-armed official paramilitaries.

So, welcome, boys and girls! If you’re not one of us now, you most likely will be.

And remember: if you’re reading this — perhaps especially if doing so under orders — your bosses already consider you a suspect…


6 thoughts on “Social Network Surveillance and Anarchist Activism

  1. I disagree with Milan.

    My brother is a govt contractor working on domestic spying under Homeland Security. I assure you that he's not uncomfortable with his job, soured on a loss of pension, or otherwise sympathetic or empathetic to anything remotely minarchist, let alone anarchist.

    Milan is reaching, and his arm isn't long enough.


    1. I don't see your disagreement (at least, not in your comment). Milan did not make a blanket statement about all state employees and he certainly didn't specifically reference your brother. While your brother is certainly not an exception, there are still plenty of individuals "locked in the state/corporate complex" that aren't lost causes. I have first-hand experience that supports the gist of Milan's comment.


      1. I didn't realize I had to write an encyclopaedia of my experience, Frank. I have worked in government myself, have worked in private sector dealing extensively with government, and have actively followed governmenmental workings for my entire adult life, which I'd put at 30 years now since I'm 50.

        Most government workers identify with the government. Milan is dead wrong on that point. As are you.

        If you want to persuade, you have to grasp reality as it is and work from that fundament.

        It would be great if Madison were the lab and better if it were indicative of all govt employees' attitudes.

        It's not.

        I don't mean to destroy momentum. I mean to build it, better, by being realistic.

        The % of govt employees who have seen the system's workings as they are, rather than idealized, is very small. Mainly this is because livelihood depends on that, when one works for the govt. And most govt workers will happily take low pay and boring work because they want security — that their job is the same every day, that their life is the same every day.

        Milan's making the Ayn Rand mistake: assuming all humans have a forceful individualism driving them.

        Such people are the exception, not the rule.


    2. Is the Government Watching and Warring with the Public?


      Publicly Available Social Media Monitoring and Situational Awareness Initiative of 2010 FULL TEXT
      Privacy Compliance Review of the Social Media Monitoring and Situational Awareness Initiative of 2011 FULL TEXT



  2. Actually, he's not reaching — quite a few of those I've had contact with who lean anarchist have spent time in government employ. L. Neil Smith spent time in law enforcement. Tom Knapp was a U.S. Marine for a while. I spent time in Army ROTC, the Army Reserve and National Guard.

    Maybe while each of us was in Leviathan's belly, we saw and heard things that we didn't particularly care for . . . ?
    I'm not saying that every government employee will jump ship (I don't think Victor was saying that, either), but some will.


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