An Open Letter To The People Of Egypt

The following was published in Arabic on, the Center’s new Arabic language web site, on February 12th, 2011. It’s a rough start because we’re just using Google Translate and trying to use plain language in hopes of minimizing translation issues. It IS a start, though, and we’ll get better. The Center could not leave the historic events in Egypt and elsewhere unaddressed or not specifically make some sort of outreach effort to the Arab world in the context of those events.


February 11th, 2011

Greetings and Respect to you, the People of Egypt.

During the past several days, your heroic revolutionary struggle to free yourselves from the dictator Mubarak and his regime has been a source of joy, hope and inspiration for all good people throughout the world. On this, the day of the departure of Mubarak, please accept our congratulations and our admiration.

The signers of this letter are anarchists. Anarchists are people who believe that it is possible to have a peaceful, free and orderly society without any state.

We understand that many of you look forward to a secular democratic state. We suggest that Egypt would be better with no state.

Instead of police, have only security guards.

Instead of statutory law, have only contracts.

Instead of state monopolies to provide services, let many enterprises openly compete.

Instead of collecting taxes, let each person choose which services they want to pay for and whom to purchase those services from.

In summary, be aware that a world of only voluntary interaction without statist coercion is possible. Knowing that such a better world is possible, your creativity and courage can build it.

Today we’re starting a new web site to provide anarchist writings in the Arabic language. Please tell your friends and neighbors about and know that we look forward to an ongoing dialogue with you.

Thank you.

Translations for this article:


Brad Spangler, Thomas L. Knapp, Mike Gogulski, David S. D’Amato, Josh Latimer, Bretigne Shaffer, Josh Carter, George Donnelly, Miss Darryl Grieve, Jill Pyeatt, James Cox, Nick Ford, Joshia Bush, Brandon Durham, Emberlea McCulligh, Kyle Bush, Darrel Drumwright, Gene Trosper, Darren Wolfe, Bob Wammy, Tom Kilmon, Robert Steel, Tom Denk, David Derby, Lance Weber, Benjamin Nichols, Roderick Long, Stephan Kinsella, Gary Chartier, Sheldon Richman, Stacy Litz, Kevin Carson, James Tuttle


6 thoughts on “An Open Letter To The People Of Egypt

  1. While I'm not a native speaker, I've got some experience with Arabic and can have a look over the letter. If I see anything that screams out wrong, I'll email the Centre.


  2. I really, really, would not use Google Translate to publish articles in a language which I do not know. You'd be much better off finding people who speak the language.

    I base this on trying to parse what I call "Googlish" translations into English – it is possible to get the sense of the orginal article, but only if one assumes that the translator is an idiot, and doing one's own research to fill in the gaps.


  3. Are you sending this to someone in particular? Culturally, you might want to open up a bit differently as well as reframe your "suggestions". Etiquette requires a more gentle hand than we in the west are used to. I was married to an Egyptian for 11 years and am still in contact with the family. I would be happy to send your final copy to Noor (the young man who was famously "removed" from the city and the son of the leading dissident) as well as our cousin who is a filmmaker and doing a documentary on this.


  4. Add my name to this list of signatories. This is excellent. Very nicely done. Now is most certainly the time for this kind of outreach to Egypt, and the entire Arab world.


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