C4SS 1st Quarter 2011 Fundraiser

Dear Supporters of the Center for a Stateless Society,

I hope everybody had a happy holiday season and has been staying warm so far this Winter. Now it’s time to pay some bills…

Between now and March 31st, we hope to raise $8,000. That goal covers an unpaid balance of roughly $500 remaining for October of 2010 as well as $2500 in monthly expenses for November 2010, December 2010 and January 2011. Nearly all of our expenses are for our labor. The matter of whether or not to support us really boils down to a simple question: Do you think our folks deserve to get paid for what they do?

To donate, just click on the “Contribute!” button on the fundraising widget you’ll find on the right side of any page of our web site.


Please support our work. Tomorrow is Groundhog’s Day and we have people who haven’t been paid yet for work they did before Halloween of last year.

Brad Spangler,
Director, Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS)


10 thoughts on “C4SS 1st Quarter 2011 Fundraiser

    1. Yes please – the last one didn't seem to work very well but if it's available I'll put it on my site (not that it gets many readers!)


  1. $8,000 in 2 months. That's ambitious. I think it would serve us well to come up with some new ideas for fundraising. How about t-shirts? How about something at PorcFest? The C4SS brand needs to get more edgy. It's a little staid and dusty. How about adding images to posts. A podcast? There needs to be more fire here.
    My recent post Failure to Doff Hat Lands Man in Jail


  2. James Tuttle had some amazing ideas for fundraising that involved decentralizing and creating a number of revenue streams (we talked about this at the IWW conference in Oct). I haven't seen James on any of these fundraising requests.

    @Brad Spangler, are you doing all this by yourself? I think you do great work, but tossing in fundraising seems like a lot of tasks. Perhaps tapping James and even Stacey Litz (she seems to have a crazy amount of energy and passion). The more people we can engage in a fundraising committee -as Carson would say, stigmerically (sp?)- would be ideal.

    Of course I am not privy to these internal conversations, so forgive me if my ignorance is showing. I am merely contributing some ideas.


  3. Another suggestion, if I may be so bold. The donation page should be on the c4ss site. That inspires confidence. Putting it on another, less well known site, causes people to wonder if something went wrong in the process.


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