Default comment for any police misconduct story

Please feel free to save this little text blurb I composed earlier today and use it yourself as a default comment on ANY police misconduct story.

“Simple economics tells us that any monopoly will have a strong tendency toward excessively high price, poor service/product quality, poor customer service and poor service/product availability. Police are a service monopoly. If you don’t like this [INSERT STORY REFERENCE], you basically have to support opening up competition — which makes you an anarchist. It’s as simple as that.”


5 thoughts on “Default comment for any police misconduct story

  1. I think that "which makes you an anarchist" is a bit of a leap of logic…… being against monopolies and being against hierarchies are related but are not the same thing, and I am pretty sure that most police abuse stems from a monopoly on violence (or more accurately, the tools used to commit said violence) and not from a monopoly on law enforcement…..


    1. That's not necessarily true. Sometimes privatization creates inefficiencies like profit and redundancy. I'd hate to have a privatized road system, for example. "Private" (really government-approved monopoly) electricity systems have lead to higher prices and worse service, and then there's the famous disaster in California when it was deregulated. That's still government interference, but I'd prefer direct public ownership over private in some cases.


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