About Jared Lee Loughner . . .

C4SS Advisory Panel member Sheldon Richman recently asked:

“If it turns out that Jared Lee Loughner shot Rep. Giffords because she opposes the AZ anti-immigrant law, will the media say he was a PRO-government extremist?”


6 thoughts on “About Jared Lee Loughner . . .

  1. It will not turn out that he shot her for any political reason. He shot multiple victims in a crowd with 15 or more total rounds. He was in a similar mentally deranged state to the Columbine kids and other mass shooters, unable to tell the difference between dreaming and real life and probably taking multiple psychotropic medications. He shot these people because he's nuts, not because of a political agenda. Look up his Youtube channel and it will become pretty obvious.


  2. I was wondering a very similar thing while sitting at lunch just a few minutes ago. The restaurant I was at had Fox News of all things on a TV. While I certainly don't condone such violence, it is upsetting to see the spectacle they are making about her shooting in particular. They've forgotten about everyone else who was killed or injured, even a 9 year old girl (a truly innocent bystander) in favor of a pre-mortem canonizing of one of their own. Also upsetting is when the "leader of the free world" comes on the air and makes statements about how this is a tragedy not just for Arizona but for all of us. I suppose that uses the same metaphysical mechanisms that "changed the world" on 9/11.


  3. Many of the comments I've been reading on website column comments are as reality-distorting as is demonstrated in the speech and text clips from various pundits and politicians those same commenters are condemning. I've made that and related points at 2 online locations in the past day. http://bit.ly/fWpXgV http://bit.ly/gTySpx and the last one before Paul dragged me off to bed 🙂 http://www.opednews.com/articles/Rotten-Rhetoric-

    I think that many people do not want to address the subject of personal responsibility because that would apply to them too. Such people want to place the blame elsewhere for their own choices and actions. Others are lazy thinkers and *let themselves be swayed* – but I think most of these will come round to using their brains, instead of their glands, *if* they are approached with reasoned thinking. For the first and the rest…. I strongly recommend public negative Social Preferencing (referred to in my online comments above) and I am working to outlive the bastards.


  4. Or, with the emphasis placed on him being a pot smoker, the thesis behind Reefer Madness will gain new life. They will start fearing a violent militia made up of marijuana smokers. What would we call that militia? I suppose "The Brownies" is already taken.

    I'm particularly unhappy with the attempt to blame these murders on groups that express anger, especially since I believe that verbally expressing anger is a healthy act (the fast rise in the popularity of "gangsta rap" was matched by a big drop in violent crime by urban youths). The first person we should think of as responsible for these murders is the murderer.
    My recent post David Nolan- RIP


  5. Signaling and posturing from politicians, and like RT Long pointed out; a healthy dose of cognitive dissonance from the plebeians.


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