Hope, Reason and Discipline — Not Terrorism

Terrorism can not defend anyone from tyranny. As the label “police state” becomes a more and more apt description of the United States, people who apparently perceive undisciplined insurrection as the only hope for a free society will, unfortunately, lash out. Such appears to be the case with regard to incendiary packages and envelopes found in Maryland and Washington, D.C. today and yesterday. A more careful and sophisticated understanding of how to achieve revolutionary social change reveals the folly of such an approach. One can not blow up a set of dysfunctional social relationships. Ours is a war of ideas. Spreading those ideas and the hope they offer is lifesaving work.


2 thoughts on “Hope, Reason and Discipline — Not Terrorism

  1. Perfect. Brad. In a real sense, "the state" doesn't exist: it is an idea. Only people exist, and those who engage in aggression are tyrants whether they do so in the name of government, intellectual property, good parenting … or liberty.

    There is a saying that you shouldn't bring a knife to a gunfight. Well, you shouldn't bring a gun to a battle of ideas.
    My recent post David Nolan- RIP


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