Second Draft, C4SS Editorial Policy

Below, please find the second draft of a proposed C4SS Editorial Policy for your consideration and comment. The first draft is here.

The Center for a Stateless Society commissions and distributes media content designed to challenge the state: to undermine its legitimacy, demonstrate its irrelevance to truly solving social and economic problems, and encourage its abolition. At no time will any Center publication implicitly or explicitly support the state’s continuation or augmentation.

The Center’s publications will convey a positive vision of voluntary, peaceful cooperation as the basis for flourishing life in society: they will seek to foster not only the free exchange of goods and services but also the many other kinds of voluntary interaction that help to make social existence viable and attractive. Thus, they will urge the abolition of all those privileges that impede peaceful cooperation, while unequivocally rejecting the privilege-riddled capitalism so frequently mistaken for a genuinely freed market. And they will help to realize a culture free from authoritarianism, exclusion, and deprivation—whether effected and sustained violently or non-violently—as well as aggressive violence.

The Center will emphasize education, direct action, and the construction of alternative institutions, rather than electoral politics, as strategies for achieving liberation.

While its basic commitments will be consistently embodied in the Center’s publications, not every Center author will embrace all of them, and the Center’s core values are reflected in part in its willingness to publish the work of a broad range of thinkers who oppose the state and who value economic and cultural freedom.


7 thoughts on “Second Draft, C4SS Editorial Policy

  1. I'm not a fan.

    I prefer the first draft–it sets the C4SS brand apart as left-libertarian, a place I could point social anarchists to for a market perspective. This draft is much less specific, and I think would make anarchists on the other side of the divide question whether there's any difference between left-libertarians and libertarians–though I suppose that would make Kinsella pump his fist in triumph.

    Cato & Reason or LvMI & LRC already get libertarian, and often anarchist in the case of the latter, messages out there, so what's the need for C4SS if it doesn't set itself apart somehow? Aside from using the word capitalism to mean the current system, I don't see much difference–hell, Sheldon's already raised that in his work.


    1. That's interesting, Gene – I thought this draft sounded MORE left libertarian. Totally agree with you that this organization should be – (and most often is in fact) left libertarian, in substance if not in name outright. I feel like that label describes a much broader variety of readers and contributors here. I could be wrong about that. But if I'm not, the only real problem with C4SS being expressly left libertarian is likely opposition from certain board members who have displayed hostility to it in the past.


      1. In what way? Hell, they pruned the meaty passage:
        "The Center’s publications are designed to help realize a culture free from exclusion, subordination, deprivation, and aggressive violence. Thus, they will oppose not only statism but also militarism, imperialism, workplace hierarchy, and cultural intolerance (including sexism, racism, and homophobia)."

        I guess this is a pointless discussion at this point as an official policy has been adopted. I don't really see how that policy addresses some of the concerns expressed in the debate over D'Amato's piece. With D'Amato's piece and others, it just felt like the C4SS is targeting right-libertarians rather than addressing non-libertarians and lefty anarchists.

        Still, C4SS publishes Kevin Carson, and has many fine individuals involved, so I'll continue to be a fan.


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