On the death of Richard Holbrooke

US news media will be filled today, undoubtedly, with mass eulogizing of now-deceased diplomat Richard Holbrooke.

“The empire lost an architect yesterday.”Sheldon Richman

It’s a natural human tendency, upon someone’s death, to speak especially well of them. But when a political class elite figure dies, this tendency takes an insidious turn — away from the little white lies about what a great guy Uncle Rufus was and toward collective false affirmation by the political class of their own moral worth.

If you want to understand who Richard Holbrook was, just listen for how many times his contributions to “peace” are going to be celebrated in the next few days and mentally substitute the word “empire” — or, at the very least, “hegemony”. That’s who Richard Holbrooke was.


3 thoughts on “On the death of Richard Holbrooke

  1. Beautiful quote from Mr. Richman.

    Isn't it amazing to see the normally squabbling members of the two dominant parties come together to celebrate a fellow "public servant" for no other reason than they shared a profession?


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