OBAMACARE Individual Mandate Struck Down, What Now?

The court ruling striking down the ObamaCare individual mandate to buy health insurance is good news, but it shouldn’t be portrayed as some grand victory for “Liberty-with-a-capital-L” because the status quo isn’t liberty. The existing system is itself thoroughly statist rather than a free market. The court ruling presents an opportunity to talk about why actual liberty would reduce health care costs. More info here.


2 thoughts on “OBAMACARE Individual Mandate Struck Down, What Now?

  1. Unfortunately it still has to go to the Supreme Court for the final decision on the matter. I don't hold out hope that they'll go against their own.

    What boggles my mind is how anyone can maintain a straight face while claiming that Congress has the power to force someone into commerce. Will it next be illegal for me to browse around Target and leave without making a purchase?


  2. What boggles my mind is that people will blindly obey their masters and make the purchase when told.

    Randy Weaver said it best; most people would pay to get a license to walk down the street if there was a law that required it. There's no courage to resist anything the ruling class forces on us anymore, save for a small percentage of the population.

    I personally hope this one gets out of the Supreme Court unscathed and continues being law only to encourage people to break it.


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