Violence and UK Tuition Fees

Any time the price of a service is set politically, there is a massive amount of systematic violence going on. A mere riot pales in comparison. Free the market.


4 thoughts on “Violence and UK Tuition Fees

  1. While I agree, it's hard not to look at the situation and see that it's akin to telling the junkie to put the heroin needle down. The free market approach is a solution to a problem that it doesn't look like anyone involved really wants to solve. It seems that the vocal and reported-on dissenters would be perfectly happy if the government came out and said, "for the next 8 years, tuition rates will stay unchanged!"
    My recent post In the News – An Anarchist’s Opinion on Net Neutrality


    1. Absolutely correct @TraitorMagnus – there are lots of people over here today wondering quite what soi-dissant anarchists were doing demanding more government intervention effectively!


  2. The situation of British students and other beneficiaries of government programs should be considered in light of all the various regulations, prohibitions, taxes, central banking schemes, and other drags on the economy that choke off opportunities for the poor to enrich themselves in a wealthy country. Cutting benefits is not unlike breaking a man's legs and then telling him he has to walk 20 blocks to the hospital, don't be such a wimp.


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