C4SS FUNDRAISER: It’s Nail-Biting Time Again

Dear Supporters of the Center for a Stateless Society,

We have just a few days left until the end of our fundraising drive to pay September and October payroll. Unfortunately, we have only raised $305 out of our goal of $3,205 so far. We need your help. I may end up having to extend it into overtime just to make sure people get paid for work they’ve already done. Please support our work. Click on the C4SS Fundraiser widget’s “Contribute” button on any page of our web site.


By drilling down into the tiny cash reserve we had been trying to build up, I’ve paid all September payroll anyway, with the exception of Tom Knapp’s pay. Right now, we’re roughly $400 away from being able to pay Tom for September — getting that month’s expenses completely addressed. I believe that you’ll agree he’s worth it. Here are his three most recent updates on his work promoting our content to media outlets and getting it published by them:

Media Coordinator Update, 11/26/10

Media Coordinator Update, 11/19/10

Media Coordinator Update, 11/12/10

Can we get Tom paid for just September in the next 24 hours?

After September has been cleared, though, we still have to pay all of our October payroll. It’s up to you to keep us going.

Please support our work. Just click on the C4SS Fundraiser widget’s “Contribute” button on any page of our web site to donate.



Brad Spangler,
Director, Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS)


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