Market Anarchism in Russia

From anarchist Ivanov on Fr33 Agents…

Russian Market Anarchism of the Late 20th – early 21st Centuries: An Overview

“In 2009, a group of market anarchists from the Association of Anarchist Movements was founded the League of Individualist Anarchism. League operates in accordance with the agreements of the Association of Anarchist Movement and in opposition to parliamentarism. Now the League is comprised of anarchists who share mutualist, agorist and individualist attitudes. Members of the League act in the cities of Yaroslavl and Omsk, on Sakhalin and in Moscow region. The main activities of the League are disseminating articles and brochures, posting flyers, and translation activities. Currently, the Russian language for the first time translated texts of Lysander Spooner, Voltairine de Cleyre, Samuel Edward Konkin III, Wally Conger and Kevin Carson. The second edition of Benjamin Tucker’s brochure “Liberty, equal for all” is coming soon. The League has a website, its members are active in social networks and the Russian-speaking segment of LiveJournal and the League of Individualist anarchism is set on joining the Alliance libertarian Left.”

See also: Land Under The Feet — Commentary by Russian anarchist writer Herbert Maridze, discussing Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s response to wildfires, current state of affairs in Russia, and the authorities’ campaign against antifascists and environmentalists.


2 thoughts on “Market Anarchism in Russia

  1. I hope that while distributing translations of foreign anarchists, they're not neglecting Russian anarchists like Bakunin, Kropotkin, and Tolstoy. There is often a tendancy to value the foreign and devalue the local/familiar. (There's probably a name for this bias, but I couldn't find it quickly.)


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