Spooner’s The Constitution of No Authority

As Roderick Long once suggested, the Center has published the perfect response tool for your encounters with all of those conservatives handing out pocket versions of the U.S. Constitution. It’s a handy pocket version of Lysander Spooner’s classic critique (evisceration, really) of the U.S. Constitution — The Constitution of No Authority, available for $6.40 from Lulu.com. This new Pocket Subversion Edition from C4SS also features Roderick Long’s “Libertarian Anarchism: Responses to Ten Objections“.

Print Details: 95 pages, 4.25″ x 6.88″, perfect binding, white interior paper (60# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink


15 thoughts on “Spooner’s The Constitution of No Authority

  1. @Bile — All that’s new is the formatting for pocket book size. Both Spooner’s essay and Long’s are available online. If you think you can print them cheaper than Lulu, I can get you both the interior and cover PDFs to work with on request, but I don’t expect the size/formatting built into them will be helpful to you.


  2. Actually, I should have explained that since it was published as Public Domain, Lulu makes both the cover and interior available for download as free PDFs. I just don’t expect the 4.25″ x 6.88″ page size in the PDF to be helpful.


  3. Viewing in that size may still be fine depending on the zoom level. Printing them from PDF may also work well regardless of paper size. Depending on what kind of printer you have and the application in which you’ve opened or imported the PDF, the content may be scaled to fit your paper, collated, double-side printing etc. Cool. This rocks!


  4. Spooner is public domain. Roderick Long doesn’t believe in copyright. I published the compilation of the two as Public Domain. Have at it, if you wish. If you’d like, I can send it to you in odt or doc format.


  5. I actually put a couple of editions together yesterday, when folks were talking about Roderick's post on FB, and before Brad announced the C4SS edition. I'm not going to add this version to my catalog, but if folks are interesting in making a pamphlet version of "Constitution of No Authority," here's a pdf set up for fairly easy assembly. Print the 24 pages, double-sided, 6 pages at a time. Cut each batch of 6 pages in half, and assemble 4 24-page signatures. Staple the 4 signatures along the folded side and paste a cover onto it. Jo Labadie used to assemble his booklets this way, and I've put together a few nice little books using the technique.



  6. Mordecai, you'll actually have to cut all the sheets in half. Each group of 6 sheets creates a 24-page signature — 6 leaves from the top halves of the pages and 6 leaves from the bottom. Stack the top half on top of the bottom half and fold them together into a signature. Staple close to the folded edges. If you don't have a heavy-duty stapler, put in three or four regular staples from each side. It should be fairly obvious to you if you print the pages out and play with them a bit. Alternately, of course, the C4SS version requires no assembly.


  7. Indeed, but it is quite useful to know how to do it on your own. I've got ink-scarcity at home, so will do my best to think this through and succeed on the first try.


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