C4SS at PorcFest: Darian Worden on the History of Anarchism

C4SS News Analyst Darian Worden gave a presentation on the History of Anarchism at PorcFest this year. Embedded video below.


One thought on “C4SS at PorcFest: Darian Worden on the History of Anarchism

  1. Enjoyed Darian's historical expose on the subject but on a humorous note, the PA did give a type MASH feel to the whole thing. LOL! With all the talk about the toilet conditions exposed now on Youtube, never let it be said that real anarchists aren't fully transparent to the core.


    Back to the subject, one young lady asked an interesting (very good) question (I thought it was) about the western influence of anarchism and I had to wonder about that myself. Prior to the era of more organized states in Europe (a result of Roman conquest) Northern Europe has many similar traits to the tribal societies of the Americas before European (Roman style) conquests ended their eras. Society and custom was very tribal based and although not pure anarchistic in their way, at least not that I'm knowledgable of, a certain form of individual autonomy was seen here and there among these pre-roman European tribes. Pre-christian influence also saw the female in many cases more of an equal than was seen in post roman-christian control or at least I've seen females not only in leadership roles (Boudica comes to mind) if you will but even their religions seemed more egalitarian if you will with male and female deities. I say this in the sense that one sex was left excluded in society to the benefit of the other sex after the roman conquest and to reflect a paternalist structure that dominated the near and central east along with the Mediterranean region. Ancestor worship which can form the basis for heirarchy was also a "middle earth" influence later seen in post roman Northern Europe. I suspect this was an ancient import with Rome but I could be wrong too.

    I mention those areas as it's their (Roman, so-called great civilizations) history, not true European of the pre-roman period, which ended up shaping and framing the bulk of later European societies. Northern European aversions from centralized statism and acts towards an anarchistic framework from time to time may be a re-trenchment back to long lost DNA that still dwells within us. Not that our culture has a monopoly on this either so we best not get to heady about that!

    Again, not suggesting these were by any means pure cultures in the case of the subject matter at hand but there may be some things worth learning there. Darian was absolutely correct in also pointing this fact out at well. This also may prove hard as the Roman and later roman christian church did a pretty good job of destroying all things deemed pagan and what written effects of those cultures there were may have been destroyed by that form (state/religion) of authoritarianism. Unless archeology can uncover more buried truth to establish fact with, we may have to rely more on what we have with a little speculating. Very similar to what Darian suggested we do with the early Turkish community.

    As for the highland peoples of Southest Asia, in Vietnam what were called Montagnards were fiercily independent and hated the North Vietnamese gov't as equally as they hated the South Vietnamese gov't and the French colonialist so your thoughts on SE Asia indigenious peoples really struck a good chord with me. The Degar in the Highlands formed an organization in 1958' known as FULRO or United Front for the Liberation of Oppressed Races whose goal was tribal autonomy. They fought an insurgency against South Vietnam as well as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and we're fairly successful into the later 60's when US influence (lies of the white eyes again) probably underminded their power and influence. What often got overlooked in the backstory of Apocalypse Now is that the crazy Col. Krutz who was killing North and South Vietnamese equally was living with and using these native highland peoples. A crude mutualism if you will as both saw a benefit to the relationship. Most people got caught up in the front story where all the real insanity was and were left to mindlessly mumble, "I love the smell of napalm in the morning, blah, blah, blah" to prove they saw the movie and so-called got it!

    Thanks for bringing up the highland peoples of SE Asia and I think if we start looking across the planet and history, we're not near as alone as we might think we are at times! Just because they never used all the fancy words and have the theories all boxed up all nice and neat didn't mean these folks didn't know true liberty and what it really looked like. When an empire is forced to build a wall like Hadrian's or Antonine's Wall to keep the pagan hords to the north out, we can only look forward to the day when the State builds a wall around DC to also keep us out. A true sign we are winning!


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