Machineries of Freedom

Writes Roderick Long:

Two very good things have happened:

David Friedman’s The Machinery of Freedom, one of the most influential free-market anarchist works of the last 100 years, is now available online (in PDF format).

Kevin Carson’s latest book, The Homebrew Industrial Revolution, is now in print.


One thought on “Machineries of Freedom

  1. In the clear light of Kevin Carson's nuanced and erudite understanding of libertarian philosophy and praxis David Friedman's work appears as childish right wing apologetics. If you have yet to be disabused of right wing "libertarian" ideology then I can't recommend Mr. Carson's works enough. There are few, if any, modern writers with such a firm grasp on the history of classical political economy, revolutionary socialism, and anarchism from Proudhon to contemporary libertarians (right and left). If you are unused to such a high level of scholarship the academic quality of many of Mr. Carson's works may represent somewhat of a challenge but I assure any would-be reader that any efforts put forth grappling with his text will eventually be well rewarded with a clear and lucid criticism of the status quo.


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