Volunteer Placement Update

After our recent call for volunteers, the following people have been selected for the first tier of placements:

C4SS: Personnel Specialist — Kirsten Tynan
C4SS: Development Specialist and Social Media Specialist— Mariana Evica
BlackVanguard.Net: Program Manager
— Chris Nowicki
BlackVanguard.Net: Project Coordinator (1 of 3) — James Tuttle

As we gradually gear up our operations and prepare to launch some exciting initiatives, we’re going to work through placing people in the second tier of volunteer slots mentioned. Please bear with us while we go through that process of recruitment and sorting through details of job roles. Meanwhile, you can find an updated list of volunteer slots available on our new volunteer opportunities page.

Several people have asked what BlackVanguard.net is going to be. I can tell you it’s going to be a web platform for building local activist groups, fundraising and C4SS supporter participation.


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