C4SS April Fundraising Drive

Dear Supporters of the Center for a Stateless Society,

April is the first month of the Center’s shift to monthly instead of quarterly fundraising. As always, we need your support to continue operations. Please donate today! Here’s the breakdown of expenses for the month of April:

Research Associate: Carson — $425
News Analyst: Knapp — $220
News Analyst: Knight — $160
News Analyst: Worden — $160
Web Administrator: Gogulski — $215
Logo & promo graphics — $200 (not a recurring expense)

Total Expenses and Fundraising Goal: $1380

Please help us make our goal of $1380 by May 5th to pay our April expenses!

Below, you will find a ChipIn widget to use when donating. You can also copy the HTML code for that widget to republish it on your own web sites to help us raise money. Just click the tab marked “Copy” on the widget.

Please support our work. Then get your friends to support our work.


Brad Spangler,
Director, Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS)




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