Call for Volunteers!

Dear Supporters of the Center for a Stateless Society,

As mentioned recently, the Center is getting ready to recruit and fill several volunteer slots, some of which may become paid contracting gigs at a later time.

First Tier — These first tier slots are filling immediately. Please send email indicating your interest, relevant background and how you imagine you would start off in these roles to

C4SS: Personnel Specialist — You will coordinate volunteer and contractor staffing. You will help define and document job roles as well as review and place candidates. You will track pay agreements and ensure people get paid. You will provide orientation to new contractors and volunteers as well as track progress on checklists for making sure they get the various things they need for their jobs (email address, web application access, et cetera). Where such checklists don’t yet exist, you will develop them.

C4SS: Development Specialist — You should be obsessed with fundraising. You should have some background in it. You shouldn’t be afraid of trying things sane people will tell you can not be done.

BlackVanguard.Net: Program Manager — You should have some familiarity with developing and running activist programs. You should be comfortable with the idea of not attempting to command, but instead offering a menu of supported activities and coordinating said support.

Second Tier — Second tier slots will be filling soon. Please send early indications of interest and relevant background to

C4SS: Accounting Specialist
C4SS: Accounting Application Administrator
C4SS: Social Media Specialist
C4SS: Media Specialist
BlackVanguard.Net: Web Admin
BlackVanguard.Net: CiviCRM Admin
BlackVanguard.Net: Editor-in-Chief
BlackVanguard.Net: Project Coordinator: Project Long March
BlackVanguard.Net: Project Coordinator: Project Teapot Tempest
BlackVanguard.Net: Project Coordinator: Project Black Dove

Thank you!


Brad Spangler,
Director, Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS)


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