VIDEO: An anarchist approach to radical health care reform

Gary Chartier on health care reform…




8 thoughts on “VIDEO: An anarchist approach to radical health care reform

  1. Hey,

    really awesome videos! Gary has a great on screen presence, and I like the rational argument as opposed to “WHY DO YOU HATE POOR/RICH PEOPLE” we’re so used to.

    A few sprinkles of criticism:

    – Gary’s obviously missing a teleprompter, the constant looking below the camera is weird
    – Just standing in front of a background makes no use of the visual medium, that’s better suited for a podcast. Why not stand in front of a blackboard/whiteboard and draw/write stuff up? That would also solve the teleprompter problem, since Gary wouldn’t constantly be looking at the camera, but at the board, where he could store his notes

    Great thing you have going on! I love it! Keep spreading the good word.

    – Bleicke


  2. Bleicke, thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you liked the lecture.

    Here’s the bad news. I wasn’t missing a telemprompter–there was one, but it was on the floor. For most of the course lectures, the telemprompter featured notes, so I ad-libbed and looked at the camera much more than in this case, when I was using a prepared text. In the future, we’ll be raising the telemprompter so I don’t look quite so goofy.

    Some sort of interesting background would be a welcome change–you’re right. But I can’t read my own handwriting, so I’m not sure anyone else could, either. My notes will be better positioned in the future.


  3. Hi Gary,

    You’ll figure it out. Practice makes perfect. One more suggestion: a dialogue between two people is often more dynamic than a lecture. You can try out a few different formats to find what works best.


  4. Gary,

    The lead off using the golden rule I thought was most effective. In the situation of a typical non-anarchist coming upon this video, leading off with the golden rule might settle them long enough to watch and consider what they otherwise might not. For those who are "limited gov't" types or volcano dancers as I like to call them, struggling with conflicts pushing them towards the next step, the golden rule opener again may calm a nervous listener making the step that much more possible. Your total approach was well presented and talked with the listener, not at or down too. I'm a little late in seeing this but just wanted to tip my hat for a well done presentation.



  5. I actually like the fact that the fact that the video background is nonessential, because it means I can leave it on in the background and listen to it while I do other things; indeed, much like a podcast.

    Is there a plan to create an audio-only "podcast" version? I think that would be quite valuable and could serve, if bundled, as an audiobook of sorts as well — with all the distribution mechanisms available to those formats.

    I think dynamic backgrounds are only needed if there is a chart, graph, etc. that explains a concept better than words alone. Otherwise, they simply serve as a News Media aesthetic that takes a lot of time to produce, for little net benefit.

    Of course, the standing lecture video format works very well for YouTube, et al, so having that is also very good thing, in my opinion.

    Anyway, fantastic video as usual, Gary! I just finished watching sections 4-6 of the Introduction to Anarchism series; which is most excellent. Thanks for producing these.


  6. I can't imagine that it would be difficult to turn the audio track into a podcast, but since I haven't done that before I'll have to defer to the great Eduardo Brugman, who's handled post-production for these C4SS videos.

    I confess I'd kind of like quirky backgrounds—ice floes, busy city streets, deserts, etc. But I agree that inserting them might well be an unnecessary source of trouble.

    Many thanks for the warm words. I'm working on a couple of lecture series for my university just now, but I hope to get back to C4SS stuff toward the end of the summer or during the fall.


  7. Right on. I’d love to have this in podcast form. I might be able to extract the audio from the YouTube clips, if you’d like, though I’m sure the original recording is of higher quality.

    Well, dynamic backgrounds that don’t have anything to do with the lecture content don’t proscribe the ability to listen without watching. I was thinking more along the lines of a PowerPoint running in the background showing topical illustrations and info-graphics that added something to the understanding of the content.

    Can’t wait to see your new material on C4SS!


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