C4SS promotional brochures

I’ll be handing these C4SS promotional brochures [PDF] out at Liberty Forum. They print well as black and white, but color printing brings out lovely green highlights. The brochure provides an organizational profile and makes a basic fundraising pitch. Print and handout to people that seem like potential donors.


One thought on “C4SS promotional brochures

  1. I love you guys but

    Graphic Design and Layout Matter. Be it in a book, pamphlet or paper the way that information is presented both legitimizes and makes the information more approachable. So much of the printed material that comes out of the new anti-capitalist/free market movement seems to be laid out with the idea that presenting the information is enough to move folks towards an idea. It's not. There are lots of good graphic designers associated with the mutualist movement, why not ask them to help lay out books, fliers and pamphlets to make the information more appealing to the general public? Some have offered C4SS authors their services in the past and been turn down. Like I said, love your work, but want it to be as successful as possible.

    p.s. Seriously if you want better layout on this, send me the wording and some C4SS graphics, me and some other Asheville folks will help re-lay it out.


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