VIDEO: Introduction to Anarchism (ATP101) — Course Intro and Lectures 1 through 3

First up on the new C4SS channel on YouTube — videos for the course introduction and first three lectures in Gary Chartier’s Introduction to Anarchism (ATP101) course. The text for the course, The Market for Liberty by Linda and Morris Tannehill, is available online (as is the syllabus).

Course Intro:

Lecture 01a:

Lecture 01b:

Lecture 01c:

Lecture 01d:

Lecture 02a:

Lecture 02b:

Lecture 02c:

Lecture 02d:

Lecture 02e:

Lecture 03a:

Lecture 03b:

Lecture 03c:

Lecture 03d:


11 thoughts on “VIDEO: Introduction to Anarchism (ATP101) — Course Intro and Lectures 1 through 3

  1. For Bile (and everyone else), here is another place to download the text:

    Also, I am a bit confused as to how this course is specifically going to work. I see that there are already several lectures to view. Is this an on-your-own-time thing or an actual timed course? The reason I ask is because I see a week by week schedule on the syllabus that don’t have any dates, but it also says that there will be times when the class convenes online to participate with one another. Honestly, I’m not sure which would work better, but I wasn’t clear on this, and maybe other people would be confused as well.

    Anyway, I think this is a pretty cool idea. Perhaps you could also get some “special guests” to come to class, like Stefan Molyneux. For sure, I think it would be great to have a wider variety of readings in future installments of the course. Smaller articles could be great supplemental material to an assigned book.

    I’ve only viewed the course intro so far, but I like what I’m hearing/seeing!


  2. The initial/pilot/test session of the first 8-week course is wrapping up right now. We’re going to put up a section of our web site with session, enrollment and course description information soon. We’re using Moodle for courseware.


  3. Somewhere in the middle of all this, things got a little cold in the recording studio.

    Is there anyway to be a part of this without being a student? The course and where it may be headed sounds amazing.


  4. Ignore that. I just noticed the Stateless University tab under the site banner. In my defence it is rather easy to pass over…


  5. These market mullahs really give "anarcho-syndicalism' a bad name. Remember that for most of its life (and possible future) homo sapiens has lived in a stateless society. This was long before the market and its associated mythology and prosilytizers like the neocons came long. Remember the (socio-political) "context" of where these "newer" ideas are coming from and you will have a god handle on what is really the truth versus ("free market") propaganda and mythology that serve the interests of the rich. (Marx – god bless his soul – was the greatest social scientist of them all! (In the form of "marxian analysis": use his tools (the best tools) for social analysis and critique!)


  6. I am from Burma!
    I wanna learn about Anarchism.
    When I see that one , I am very Happy!!!!!

    By Dagon University student!


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