C4SS Welcomes Darian Worden, Promotes Tom Knapp


C4SS announces additional staff member and a promotion.

AUBURN, ALABAMA — January 1, 2010 — Center for a Stateless Society — The Center for a Stateless Society announced personnel changes today, with the addition of Darian Worden as the third C4SS News Analyst and promotion of Thomas L. Knapp to Senior News Analyst.

Worden becomes the Center’s sixth paid part-time staff member. C4SS Director Brad Spangler said “Darian is a rising young talent among anarchist writers and activists. When some angel donors came to us with a proposal to make earmarked contributions to pay for his first quarter of work with the Center, we pounced on it immediately.”

Darian Worden is an individualist anarchist writer with experience in libertarian activism. His fiction includes Bring a Gun To School Day and the forthcoming Trade War. His essays and other works can be viewed at his personal website. He also hosts an internet radio show, Thinking Liberty, on PatriotRadio.com.


The mission of the Molinari Institute is to promote understanding of the philosophy of Market Anarchism as a sane, consensual alternative to the hypertrophic violence of the State. The Institute takes its name from Gustave de Molinari (1819-1912), originator of the theory of Market Anarchism. The Center for a Stateless Society is the Molinari Institute’s media center.

Brad Spangler
Center for a Stateless Society


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