C4SS First Quarter 2010 Fundraising Drive Launch

Dear Supporters of the Center for a Stateless Society,

In these closing days of 2009, ask yourself if you’ve valued what the Center for a Stateless Society has done to advance the ideal of liberatory social change. If you agree that we’ve been doing good work, please support the Center. We need your support if we are going to continue to do what we do.

Our fundraising goal for this quarter about to start, first quarter 2010, is actually less than might be expected. Funds raised for audio and written commentary this past quarter have been rolled forward to the next. After some initial difficulty winding down another demand on my own time, I decided to push that content production into the next quarter. Additionally, I paid the web hosting bill out of my own pocket, setting us ahead by $100. This smaller than expected goal actually works well together with what I’m about to mention next.

You might also notice we’re starting our fundraising drive much later in the quarter than previously. That’s because we’re going to be making a transition, over the course of the year, to continuous fundraising — and part of that transition involves starting later and letting the fundraising drive last longer this quarter. We’ll also be searching for a development specialist who can concentrate on nothing but fundraising. Look for a detailed announcement about this soon. The smaller goal and later start also allowed us to avoid coming to you with our support requests during the winter holiday gift buying season.

Here are our projected expenses:

* Research Associate: Carson — $1250 [$600, 2 research studies @ $300 each; $650, 26 weekly columns @ $25 each] [update 29DEC09 — Carson changed request to 39 columns and one research study; line item raised from $1250 to $1275]

* News Analyst: Knapp — $650 [26 twice-weekly columns @ $25 each]

* News Analyst: Knight — $475 [$325, 13 weekly columns @25 each; $150, 3 monthly magazine-length feature articles @ $50 each]

* Web Administrator: Gogulski — $645 [EUR150 or $215/month for 3 months]

* audio production and additional written commentary from Spangler — already funded

That comes to a total of $3,020 in expenses. Since we’re $100 ahead, our goal for the quarter is $2,920. With your help, we can raise this money by the end of the fundriaising drive on February 26th. Please donate early, though, so we can keep our folks paid for what they produce without having to wait until after February 26th.

UPDATE 29DEC09: Goal raised by $25 to accomodate Carson’s change request. New goal is $2945.

Below, you will find a ChipIn widget to use when donating. You can also copy the HTML code for that widget to republish it on your own web sites to help us raise money. Just click the tab marked “Copy” on the widget.

Please support our work. Then get your friends to support our work.


Brad Spangler,
Director, Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS)



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