C4SS Fundraiser: Revolution Is Not A Spectator Sport

Dear Supporters of the Center for a Stateless Society,

Have YOU donated yet to the C4SS fundraising drive for the coming fourth quarter of 2009?

Out of:

  • the hundreds of people who subscribe to our supporter updates via Feedburner/Google…
  • and the several hundred more who subscribe to our material via our direct RSS feed…
  • and the several hundred more who follow @c4ssdotorg on Twitter…
  • and the (at present) 368 more people who our appeals reach through the C4SS Supporters group on Facebook
  • and the (at present) 91 more people who subscribe to everything we publish (including our fundraising appeals) through the Networked Blogs application on Facebook…
  • and the thousands more casual web site visitors driven to our web site by dedicated social media activists who share links to our content online in their own spheres of influence…
  • and the thousands more web site visitors who discover us via copies of our articles republished elsewhere on sites like Freedom’s Phoenix and Revolution Radio…

…we’ve received donations from a grand total of 35 people.

Those thirty-five people are magnificent comrades. As, between them, they’ve contributed over three thousand dollars (for an average donation in excess of $87 each), they have provided a tremendously gratifying validation of the value we provide. More importantly, though, they’re enabling the ongoing provision of value back to themselves and everyone else that wants to make use of the content we produce.

There is an issue, here, though, in terms of the number of people contributing versus the number of fans and apparent popularity we enjoy. I believe this might be a result of the way attitudes toward political struggle are shaped by the statist system we’re all trapped in currently, even among those of us who oppose that system. That attitude can perhaps be summarized as the expectation of political professionalism. In other words, engagement with the political system isn’t something ordinary people DO, but a vicariously experienced form of entertainment.

I’m asking you to get some skin in the game. We’re not trying to provide free entertainment. Don’t just watch us. Use us as your tool.

Now, mainstream criticism of political violence invariably neglect to consider that the existing statist system is itself systematic, institutionalized violence. It’s only called “violence” when the victims fight back. There’s a word for what would be a war except that only one side is fighting and the other is just dying. That word is “massacre”. The state daily massacres people bodily, economically and in terms of the basic human dignity lost when we suffer the degrading denial of liberty rightfully ours.

Resistance demands first “killing the cop in your own head” or removing (as Ayn Rand put it) “the sanction of the victim”. More precisely, the purpose of radical libertarian propaganda must always be understood as development of a “revolutionary class consciousness” among the productive class victimized by the statist elite.

The role of the radical libertarian activist — that’s YOU — is to advance such advocacy across the playing field of public discourse.

I’m not just asking you for money. I’m asking you to become, if you’re not already, a guerilla fighter in the information war for your own freedom and the flourishing of the society that is (broadly speaking) your home. For such info-guerillas, we want to be your intellectual ammunition factory. Or one of them, anyway.

We’re not entertainment. Revolution is not a spectator sport. Get some skin in the game. Give us the money to reach our goal of producing more ammunition for your own use. Then use it. Don’t just lie down and take the abuse the state dishes out to you. Fight back — intelligently.

Please, donate today using the ChipIn widget on any page of our web site at:



Brad Spangler,
Director, Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS)


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