Can We Pull This Off?

Dear Supporters of the Center for a Stateless Society,

I have some good news and a request for help with the challenges ahead.

On Monday, September 14th, I asked you to help us reach a partial goal of raising $2,450 by a week from that day. Just barely, you did so. Thank you. As a result, we now know our core writers will be paid and web hosting expenses will be covered.

That’s not our full fundraising goal for the upcoming fourth quarter, though. We’re asking for a total of $4,025 this quarter — $1,575 more than what we’ve already raised. In short, what you will get for the additional money will be 1) “insurance” in the form of better technical admin/support and 2) additional new content — three audio commentary spots and one regular written commentary per week throughout the quarter. You can review the original expense request here. Mike Gogulski’s IT support proposal is attached below the main letter.

At this point, I should add that by patronizing Mike Gogulski’s professional services, we are also incidentally supporting his own work in online social media activism as well as reinforcing his ability to support other freedom movement clients, such as the FR33 Agents Network and LOLA.

In some other news, Kevin Carson has requested, and I’ve approved, a slight modification to his work duties this coming quarter. Instead of doing three monthly research studies and one weekly commentary piece in the fourth quarter, Kevin wants to put out only two studies but write two commentaries weekly for the same cost to C4SS. I suspect his fans will welcome seeing new writing from him more frequently, even though we’re still supporting his weightier work.

With only a week left in this fundraising drive, it’s only natural to ask “Can we do it?”

Let’s find out.

Please, donate today using the ChipIn widget on any page of our web site at:


Brad Spangler,
Director, Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS)


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