C4SS Needs Your Support!

Dear Supporters of the Center for a Stateless Society,

It’s the middle of September and we only have nineteen days left in the C4SS fourth quarter 2009 fundraising drive.

As of the time I’m writing this on Friday morning, progress on raising money has been slow this quarter. Thirteen donors have so far contributed $850 towards our goal of $4,025. One of those donors was particulary generous, doubling the amount raised.

We can’t count on unpredictable big donations like that, though. If you value our work, please send us your support today, regardless of whether it’s big or small. If only 400 people reading this kicked in a mere $10 each, we would burst past our goal.

This morning, an anonymous donor contacted me with a matching offer to share with you. He also has noticed we need to get some momentum going right away. It can’t wait for the end of the month. His offer: if at least two NEW donors contribute at least $50 each this weekend, between now and 11:59 PM Central time on Sunday the 13th, he’ll match that with $100 and an additional $50 at the end of September.

We need your support. With it, all things are possible. Without it, nothing is.

Please, donate today using the ChipIn widget on any page of our web site at:



Brad Spangler
Director, Center for a Stateless Society


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