Rad Geek Interviewed by the Motorhome Diaries About Agorism

Molinari Institute Director Charles “Rad Geek” Johnson was interviewed recently by the Motorhome Diaries folks about agorism.


4 thoughts on “Rad Geek Interviewed by the Motorhome Diaries About Agorism

  1. I think that the problem with "anarchist" support for minachism/political libertarianism (Ron Paul, Libertarian party) is similar to Marxism, which supports the same kind of strategy. Opposition to statist “transition program to anarchy" distinguishes anarchism from Marxism. Agorism is a consistent libertarian anarchist position.

    "Withholding payment of taxes is one of the quickest methods of overthrowing a government." —Mahatma Gandhi


  2. Many of us are not just talking about agorism, but practicing it. One of the projects I'm involved with is to make the book "Alongside Night" into a film, graphic novel, and online game.

    You can read more about that project at houstonspacesociety.org/alongside or network with other agorists at alongsidenight.ar.to if you wish.

    Many of us who supported the Campaign for Liberty and before that the Ron Paul campaign, and quite a few who are involved in the Boston Tea Party bostontea.us are interested in creating networks much more than supporting politicians. One of the dividends from creating a vibrant and effective network was the ability to quickly raise $3K to get our friends out of jail in MS.


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